Saturday, 27 June 2015

Train, train, train...

...train of fools?

An obscure Aretha Franklin reference there, I suspect my Dad. We have had several comments on the lines of "you must be crazy", but we just can't agree. What nicer holiday could there be than three weeks free of all worries other than getting on your bike, cycling through Britain's wonderfully varied countryside, eating a large meal, sleeping like a log, and doing it all again the next day. Three weeks of blissful freedom from all those unnecessary deadlines we manage to fill our days with. Heaven!

Today's training ride took us over Kinnoul Hill to Glendoick Garden Centre, and back up the hairpins to Pitlowie and Murrayshall. Nearly 2,000 feet of climb altogether, and only relieved by large pots of tea, fruit scones, fruit loaf and ginger beer. In a few weeks it will be Cornish cream teas that will revive us as we start to eat our way through Britain.

Contributions continue to come in, for which we are as ever grateful. Over £160 was collected last Sunday, our thanks to fans of Perthshire Brass.

The last week of term approaches. I had a solo spot in the end of term Summer Showcase on Thursday. Here is a slightly fuzzy photo of me playing Jurassic Park!

Now is that not a beautiful instrument?

Saturday, 20 June 2015

L - 30

Yes in just 30 days we should be setting off on Lejog from Land's End, a slightly scary thought.  We managed a good training route this afternoon, up the hill to Path of Condie and back to Perth via Glenfarg. 30 miles, with more climbing than all but three days of our planned route to John O'Groats. And through beautiful countryside, on one of Scotland's better efforts at a summer day so far this year.

End of term fever is setting in. This week we enjoyed Joe's school's terrific production of The Good Person of Szechuan, and next week I get to play a small tuba solo at my school concert.

But first, tomorrow there is Perthshire Brass's annual concert, 7pm at Perth Riverside Church.
It is always a fun event - and there will be home baking!  Not to be missed if you can make it. Oh, and they are very kindly taking donations for refreshments in support of our bike ride. But never mind that, just come and enjoy some great music.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Thank you (#2)

I had a great time at St Ninian's Cathedral this evening, enjoying the Perth and Kinross Intermediate Music Camp Concert. We were treated to an evening of wind, string, percussion and choral entertainment, including a spectacular performance (impressively from memory) by Stephen Smith on violin, as soloist with the string orchestra. The large audience seemed as thrilled by the show as the young performers themselves.

We were also there to promote our bike ride, and the audience were once more extremely generous with donations, which raised £230.76.  Thank you everyone!

Our next 'public engagement' will be a stand at Perth Concert Hall next Wednesday morning, at the People First event as part of Learning Disability Week 2015. But before then we really must get out on the bikes and get some training miles in the legs.  Only five weeks until we head for Land's End!

postscript, Sunday: a ride out to Little Glenshee, at the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Always nice to get up into the slightly wilder countryside, and we saw a Perthshire 'Big Five' - deer, red squirrel, hare, lapwing, and a curlew with its wonderfully evocative call.